Tillage tools, gift from the Olive L.K. for the rehabilitation of the Kindu-Misenge road axis


Kindu, September 29th, 2021 (CPA), – The provincial coordinator of the Initiative Plus Olive Lembe Kabila (IPOLK), Gabriel Useni Pungu, handed over a set of tillage tools last Monday including spades, hoes and pickaxes to young people from Nyambogo and Faba villages for rehabilitation work on the Kindu-Misenge road axis. This route is of paramount importance for the supply of basic food products to the inhabitants of the capital of Maniema province, it is reported. For Gabriel Useni Pungu, the handing over of these tools to these young people is part of the commitment of the former first lady of the DRC to involve young people in the improvement of existential conditions and the fight against poverty in their lives communities, in particular through their voluntary participation in community work.