Socio-economic activities resume in the Limanga district in the commune of Mangobo


Kisangani, October 6th, 2021 (CPA).– Socio-economic activities resumed in the Limanga district, after clashes last Thursday between young people from the Lokele district and elements of the Congolese National Police sub-station in this entity, center socio-economic activities in the Mangobo commune, the CPA noted on Friday. It all started with the opposition of the young people of this neighborhood to the arrest of a young person by the elements of the PNC, which young person is in conflict with a woman who seized the police for this purpose. These angry fellows opposed to pushing the police to use warning shots to disperse the demonstrators at the municipal market in the Limanga district. This climate of tension has pushed economic operators to close their activities for fear of acts of vandalism.