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The price of cartons of horse mackerel on the markets of Kinshasa

Kinshasa, October 6th, 2021 (CPA).- The price of a box of horse mackerel fish from Namibia has seen a slight drop in the markets of the city of Kinshasa, even before the expiration of the three-week ultimatum that the government granted to economic operators in the frozen products to comply with the prices agreed upon during their negotiations a few months ago. According to a round carried out during the last two weeks of September, the box of horse mackerel fish fell by CDF 9,000, or CDF 165,000 (one hundred and fifty-five thousand) to CDF 156,000 (one hundred and fifty-six thousand) FC, a found PCA during this period. Other consumer products, including a 100kg bag of beans from the city of Goma in the province of North Kivu and a 50kg bag of sugar from the Kwilu Ngongo sugar company, also observed a drop in prices on these products. The markets are traded respectively at USD 135 (one hundred and thirty-five) against USD 165 (one hundred and sixty-five) and CDF 95,000 (ninety-five)  against CDF 96,000 (ninety-six) .

The box of chickens, however, observes an increase compared to the price practiced two weeks ago or CDF 83,000 (eighty-three thousand) against CDF 75,000 (seventy-five).

The carton of 9kg salted fish from Namibia, one carton of AR chicken legs weighing 10kg from Turkey, one carton of TS20kg meat from Europe also saw a price increase in the market. by negotiating respectively CDF 110,000 (one hundred and ten thousand)  against CDF 105,000 (one hundred and five thousand)  or CDF 5,000 increase; CDF 55,000 (fifty-five thousand) against CDF 53,000 (fifty-three thousand); CDF 255,000 (two hundred and fifty-five thousand)  against  CDF 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) , In the same basket of the increase are also a bag of corn seeds from Kilo, a bag of cassava pods from the provinces of Kwilu and Kongo central, an Extra 25 kg bag of semolina made here in Kinshasa made in DRC, a 25kg bag of rice from Thailand and China as well as a bag of Ember from the Bateke plateau in the province of Kinshasa. These products are sold respectively at CDF 110,000 against CDF 85,000; CDF 80,000 against CDF 90,000; CDF 33,000 against CDF 30,000; CDF 47,500 against CDF 46,500 and CDF 35,000 against CDF 31,000. Prices Products such as the box of le coq soaps containing 36 pieces, a box of Anny sardines containing 50 pieces as well as a 25-kilo bag of wheat flour observe stability on the same markets and are sold respectively at CDF 16,000 (sixteen thousand), CDF 58,000 (fifty-eight thousand) and CDF 36,000 (thirty-six thousand). Traders interviewed at the trading locations linked the rise in prices to the torrential rains that have recently hit parts of the capital, making roads impassable for vehicles to reach production centers.

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