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The promotion of peri-urban carbon-free cities in the DRC: a major challenge to be taken up By Jean Jacques Lukusa Kawulu

Kinshasa, October 6th, 2021 (CPA) -The whole world celebrated on Monday October 04, 2021 World Habitat Day under the theme: « Accelerate urban action for a carbon-free world ».

At the national level, the chosen theme is: « Promoting carbon-free peri-urban cities ». The choice made on these themes aims to guide leaders around the world to carry out actions that respect the environment in which man is called to live in order to provide him with good living conditions.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, housing is the central key to land use planning. It is one of the priorities of the Sama Lukonde government, which would like to ensure decent housing conditions for the Congolese in a world where the air circulates devoid of greenhouse effects. Large urban centers are currently facing the problems of housing, transport, drinking water, electric power, health care, road infrastructure, schools, hospitals and many more. To meet these challenges, the population is forced to self-build without technical assistance; which has incalculable consequences for the management of space.

The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo is part of the development of urban space through the construction of roads to open up neighborhoods in different municipalities of the city of Kinshasa and in some provinces through a pilot project called « Tshilejelu ». He also proceeded by planting trees for an accumulation of oxygen necessary to compensate for the carbon released and thus reduce the gas effects of greenhouses. To this end, the Minister of State in charge of Town Planning and Housing, Pius Muabilu Mukala, recommended the construction of several housing units to constitute centralities and centers of urban growth.

« The more we build affordable housing in large numbers, the more we will create centralities, nuclei of controlled urban growth and the development of our population, » said the minister of state. To achieve this, he continued, the government, under the leadership of the Head of State, has opted for cities that are integrated, viable, decent and open to all. Pius Muabilu, on the sidelines of World Habitat Day celebrated every first Monday of October, invited the population to unite for healthy and inclusive city projects that his ministry has designed for the benefit of the cities of Goma.

capital of the province of North Kivu; Bukavu, capital of the province of South Kivu; Matadi, capital of Kongo Central province as well as Kikwit, capital of Kwilu province, through the development of Urban Reference Plans, with funding from the World Bank. It is also a matter of coming together to combine efforts to make « our » cities capable of developing their own social and economic projects, which are the basis for financing their housing, equipment and infrastructure programs. But also to support itself on the use of local building materials, the experimentation of the standards decreed by the new law on rental leases, in particular the respect of the rental guarantee of three months of rent accompanied by a repressive regime, in to ensure social tranquility by working to ensure the upgrading of housing police officers in order to fight against unsanitary housing and neighborhoods. It is in this way that the government intends to provide solutions to the problems of flooding, global warming and phony cities across the country.

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