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Minister Patrick Muyaya reaffirms the government’s determination to work for the well-being of the Congolese

Kinshasa, October 12th, 2021 (CPA) – The Minister in charge of Communication and Media, government spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya Katembwe, on Monday reaffirmed the government’s determination to work for the well-being of the Congolese population, during a mission in Kenge territory, Kwango province, following the Prime Minister, Jean Michel Sama Lukonde.

Minister Patrick Muyaya said that this descent into this part of Kwango marks the start of a series of actions that the “Warriors” intend to take within the framework of the implementation of the development program at the base of 145 territories of DRC.

For him, this program is in line with the vision of the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo who, at the second meeting of the Council of Ministers, recommended to members of the government to focus on the development of the provinces, believing that rural areas are an integral part of DRC, apart from Kinshasa and the cities.

“This program begins today in Kenge in Kwango and will extend to the 145 territories of the Democratic Republic of Congo. My colleague from the Plan and that of Rural Development worked on the subject in particular”, said Minister Muyaya, stressing that the grassroots development approach proves the will of the Head of State Felix Tshisekedi to improve in a rapid and more balanced way, access for populations from remote areas to basic social needs as well as interconnection by various means between these different territories.

Regarding Kwango province, Minister Patrick Muyaya specified that this program targets three sites, namely: Lonzo mission, Lonzo-Fatundu site and Kenge 2 site.

In addition, the governor of Kwango province, Jean Marie Petipeti, had delivered his word of welcome on behalf of all Kwangolese. He presented the general situation of his province by enumerating some difficulties that it is going through, in particular, the lack of electric power and drinking water, the lack of airport infrastructure and agricultural service roads.

It is the same for the sectors of education, health, the securing of the country’s borders with Angola, as well as the field of agriculture handicapped by the dilapidated state of the roads which do not facilitate the transport of agricultural products to consumption centers.

The governor asked the government to intervene to fight against the erosion that threatens the road connecting Kinshasa-Tshikapa

On Lonzo site, the Prime Minister launched, on Saturday, construction work on 96 km Lonzo-Fatundu road, while on Kenge 2 site, he laid the foundation stone for the construction of the territory of Kenge 2, located 12 km from Kenge 1.

The Prime Minister is accompanied by the Minister in charge of Communication, that of Health, Planning, Rural Development, Regional Cooperation and the Minister to the President of the Republic, it is recalled.


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