Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe once again encourages the Congolese to be vaccinated against Covid-19


Kinshasa, October 12th, 2021 (CPA) – Prof. Jean-Jacques Muyembe once again encouraged the Congolese to be vaccinated against Covid-19, during his intervention at a discussion panel organized by the response committee against this disease at the University Clinics of Kinshasa (CUK), in partnership with the communication commission of the technical secretariat of the multisectoral committee for the response to Covid-19, CPA learned from this technical secretariat on Monday.

Prof. Muyembe, who spoke by conference vision, looked at the history of the disease and its evolution in Congolese environments, noting a low observation of the vaccination rate by the Congolese population and the mode of operation of these vaccines.

For his part, the academic secretary of the faculty of medicine of the University of Kinshasa (Unikin), Puis Kabututu, made aware not only the student community but also the administrative and academic staff working within this alma mater to be vaccinated to combat the spread of the virus.