Minister Patrick Muyaya advocates a new narrative to promote Congolese tourism


Kolwezi, October 12th, 2021 (CPA) – The Minister of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya, during his speech at the Congolese Tourism Week which is held in Kolwezi, from October 9th to 13th on the site « Katebi Beach » , in the province of Lualaba, advocated the use of the new narrative as a tool for promoting Congolese tourism. For the minister, the new narrative is nothing other than a new paradigm, a new way of rethinking, reappropriating and reforming in depth the way of thinking in the DRC to bring it out of this dark picture that others have given it. trained . The new narrative on the Congo, for impactful tourism, must start with the province of North Kivu, for a model of economic resilience. North Kivu, according to the Minister of in charge Communication and Media, must be the starting point for changing the narrative of the war. The DRC must, therefore, take the initiative in communication instead of international organizations. « We have to reclaim the way of telling the DRC. And it is no longer just by going in the cult of the potential. It is time to leave the picture drawn up for us », declared the Minister Patrick Muyaya. According to him, the new narrative should be a forum where we talk about everything the DRC has other than the mines. It is time, he believes, to consolidate the content of unity and to share values. « It will be necessary to show to the world, to the potential tourists, that beyond the security situation which prevails in a part of the country, the Congo is an attractive, cultural country, which has its products, its potentialities and its riches to offer », he said.

Tourism as a unifying element

For several provinces of the DRC, including those which are in the process of developing a model of resilience, to demonstrate a clear political will which proves that they are committed to change like the Province of Lualaba where activities are taking place. of Tourism Week, underlines Patrick Muyaya, tourism, culture, communication and sport are unifying elements. The minister also recommended changing the programs of Congolese channels, in particular the national channel, to make said programs more attractive and gradually reduce dependence on external bouquets. He finally indicated that the question of the new narrative, like all the other questions relating to the change of mentality and of the way of thinking, will be analyzed in depth during the States General of the Press planned in the very next days. ACP