The book « The Congolese school, inheritances and challenges » on the baptismal font

Family photo at the baptism of the book

Kinshasa, October 12th, 2021 (CPA) – Minister of Higher and University Education (ESU) Muhindo Nzangi Butondo on Tuesday focused on the baptismal font, at the library of the Wallonia Brussels Center in Kinshasa, the work of Pr Camille Sesep N’sial entitled « The Congolese school, legacies and challenges ». The ESU minister praised this 449-page book, which imposes a comprehensive approach to reforming the Congolese education system, from kindergarten to university, and contributes to the three missions of the university. This work recommends in particular the definition of a national education policy, the type of citizen to be trained, the definition of the model of society, the improvement of the living conditions of teachers and students, as well as the improvement of employability of young people trained. The author of the book, Prof. Camille Sesep, said that this book makes readers aware of the history of the Congolese school which is not only a story of legacies, paradoxes, shattered dreams, you missed, but also that of hope. “We have a sacred duty to keep alight the flame of this hope. We have a duty to make our school, from kindergarten to college, this laboratory where the present and the future of the nation are forged, the future of youth, « he said. Faced with the growing and spectacular demand for education that the Congo will experience, 60% of which will be made up of young people under the age of 25, the author raised, this work questions the capacity of the Congolese school to assume its republican mission. Professors Emile Bongeli and Hyppolite Mimbu made the presentation and commented on the quality of this work which goes down in the history of the educational sector. Invitation to the preparation of the next generation of academics at ESU In addition, the Minister of ESU, Mudindo Nzangi, invited the faculty and managers of his sector to get involved in preparing the next generation, given that the circle of professors is not reserved for a category of teachers. people. He also referred to regulatory texts in this sector of the ESU which are only awaiting their application, recalling the various reforms to which the President of the Republic and the government are keen to form an elite capable of transforming the country. Universities, he indicated, must create vocational schools and short-term training courses to upgrade and take into account certain needs of society. The modernization and construction of worthy university infrastructures, the minister said, are already being done on the basis of 20 USD (twenty dollars) deducted from the academic fees of the students. For her part, the general delegate and director of the Wallonia Brussels Center, Kathryn Brahy, announced the arrival in Kinshasa in the coming days of the Belgian Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, in anticipation of a conference intended to reform the teaching of history and decolonizing learning the history of the DRC. ACP/