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Egyptian and Congolese Post for a win-win partnership

Kinshasa, October 14th, 2021 (CPA) – The Congolese Post through the general director of the Congolese Post and Telecommunications Company (SCPT), Didier Musete, and a delegation of the Egyptian Post in Kinshasa, have just forged a winning partnership – a winner which will allow the Congolese side to benefit from the advances made by Egypt in postal matters, CPA learned on Wednesday from the Ministry in charge of Posts, Telecommunications, New Information and Communication Technologies (PT-NTIC).

The general director of SCPT made it known during a hearing that the minister of PT-NTIC, Augustin Kibassa Maliba, granted him along with the Egyptian delegation,

« We came to present the Egyptian delegation to the minister in charge and to send him the significant advances that the Egyptian Post has been able to obtain in recent years with regard to the digital and digital transformation of postal services, and also to submit to him the modalities of a partnership that we are in the process of setting up between our two countries”, Didier Musete indicated.

According to him, the Egyptian model can also be duplicated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to achieve success, especially since, he continued, the Egyptian post is very advanced in the field of traditional postal services, just like services related to the digital transformation of postal services and postal banking.

For his part, the General Director of the Egyptian Post, Sarif M. Farouk, praised the scope of the exchange of views with the Minister in charge of PT-NTIC, and said he was optimistic about the successful outcome of the envisaged partnership.


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