Exchange of views between the Minister in charge of Industry and Mgr. El. Shamir on PDI


Kinshasa, October 14th, 2021 (CPA) – The Minister in charge of Industry, Julien Paluku Kahongya, met Tuesday in Kinshasa, with the leader of the Evangelical Church of the African Rite (EERA), Mgr. Patriarch, El Shamir Kalwaghe, come to soak up the content of the Industrialization Master Plan (PDI) of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and see how to make industry a factor of peace and stability, said a press release from the Ministry of Industry received on Wednesday at CPA.

Besides PDI, the host of the Minister in charge of Industry demonstrated that apart from the evangelical mission, he also has the philanthropic mission. This is how he tells his interlocutor about his plan to build a pharmaceutical laboratory.

Regarding the insecurity affecting the provinces of Nord Kivu and Ituri and which is caused by armed groups, El Shamir Kalwaghe in his capacity as pastor, affirmed that he will continue to pray for the end of this insecurity and for the return of the peace so sought after by the populations.

According to the source, during the same day, Julien Paluku also exchanged views with the vice-president of the Provincial Assembly of Ituri Jules Mateso, attracted to IDP. “I came to see the Minister in charge of Industry, because we have all heard that DRC now has its Industrialization Master Plan. Although the Iturian population lives under a state of siege, we cannot miss the opportunity to get hold of it. Fortunately, the minister promised to give us some ”, declared the vice-president of the Provincial Assembly, before affirming that if today there are many armed groups in the east of the country, it is also among other things, because there are no jobs. PDI could be a solution to this question.