CULPAC pays tribute to Marie Antoinette Mobutu and Emmanuelle Madeleine Cinqui


Kinshasa, October 14th, 2021 (CPA).- The Universal Council for the Peace of Nations and Continents (CULPAC) paid tribute on Thursday to two legendary female personalities of DRC, namely: mother Marie Antoinette Mobutu Gbiatibwa and religious sister Emmanuelle Madeleine Cinquin, for their many actions for female entrepreneurship and the fight against poverty, during a ceremony, organized at its headquarters in Gombe municipality.

During this ceremony, held in the presence of members of the few close relatives of these already deceased personalities, the General Director of CULPAC, Daniel Santu Biko, announced that this meeting was organized, as a day of recognition, of love, hope and peace in memory of sister Emmanuelle, for her charitable contribution to poor people and mother Marie Antoinette for having set up humanitarian and social structures focused on the supervision of young girls, boys and girls poor people.

He presented to the audience some exceptional qualities of these two women who, according to, had cultivated the love of neighbor and the sense of giving with joy to those in need.

Encouragement to Denise Nyakeru Foundation for the relaunch of Mama Mobutu women’s center

In addition, the General Director of CULPAC, Daniel Santu Biko, took the opportunity to express the congratulations and encouragement of his organization to the first lady Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi, for having taken, through his foundation, the initiative to renovate “Mama Mobutu” framing center.

For him, this initiative proves on the part of Ms. Denise Nyakeru a high sense of patriotism and recognition of the importance of this establishment, which has fostered the development of many young people through entrepreneurship.

For that part, Sister Amelia Gurinia, another speaker, praised the memory of these two ladies, believing that they continue to serve as an example to have worked with actions in the humanitarian and social framework in favor of disadvantaged people.

She indicated that mother Marie Antoinette and sister Emmanuelle have by their works, shaken the conscience of humanity, oriented the lives of countless people and revitalized the gospel of love for neighbor, before stressing the need to love the poorest, the humiliated, the afflicted, the lonely as well as the people said to be “rejected from society”.