Minister of State Eustache Muhanzi visits the Office of Congolese Small and Medium Enterprises


Kinshasa, October 14th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister of State in charge of entrepreneurship for small and medium-sized enterprises (PMA), Eustache Muhanzi Mubembe, paid a visit on Wednesday October 13th through the various departments of the administration and the Office of Small and Medium-Sized Congolese Enterprises (OPEC) in order to immerse themselves in the functioning of services under its supervision.

The Minister of State Eustache Muhanzi, on this occasion, palpated the difficulties that the staff is encountering as well as the condition of the premises where the nine directorates of the General Secretariat are housed. He was also informed of the problem of promotion and assignment of agents, permanent bonus as well as staff transportation.

The Minister of State, who is keen to revive and modernize his sector, has, after discussions with officials of the administration, promised appropriate solutions to these problems.

At the same time, General Secretary Joseph Lunanga Busanya, on behalf of all the staff, acknowledged the significant advances recorded to the credit of the Minister of State since his assumption of the head of this ministry.

At OPEC which has now become the National Agency for the Development of Enterprises in Congo (ANADEC), he visited the various offices under the leadership of its General Director Ezechiel Biduaya

On behalf of the government of the Republic, Eustache Muhanzi reiterated his commitment to make Congolese SME one of the pillars for the production of wealth par excellence in DRC.