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Minister Serge Konde at the bedside of the Leopards ladies U20 dislodged from their hotel in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, October 14th, 2021 (CPA).– The Minister in charge of Sports and Recreation, Serge Konde Chembo, came to the bedside of the Leopards dames U20 dislodged from Kampo hotel, in Barumbu municipality, late Wednesday night, for insolvency and refused at the headquarters of the Congolese Football Association (FECOFA), Avenue of Justice, in Gombe municipality, Kinshasa.

The girls, who were protesting at FECOFA gates, claiming in advance their bonuses from all four qualifying matches of Costa Rica 2022 World Cup in the specialty they played, were chased away by elements of the Congolese national police in front of the facilities of the umbrella body of Congolese football.

It is with this in mind that Minister Serge Konde came to inquire personally about this situation, showing his indignation at the fate of these ambassadors of the country, after having defended the national flag. He said he will contact the finance ministry to find out where the blockage will be. As a firefighter, Minister Konde invited the girls to calm, reassuring them of his personal involvement in order to settle this dispute as soon as possible.

« The Head of State, Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi gives pride of place to women. The government is also working to promote the advancement of women. Such scenes should not be experienced in Congo. Personally, I fight for there to be a balance in treatment within the national teams and we must avoid injustice and discrimination. They are our daughters and they deserve respectable treatment to guarantee their future”, reassured Minister Serge Konde.

Unsurprisingly underperformance

This is a poor performance by the Leopards women U20 which does not surprise anyone, given the preparation they have had. Logically, it must be said that they did not even prepare, because they were only interned two days before the match.

In the first leg against Cameroon, in Kinshasa, they even refused to play for lack of bonuses. They went into the field after so many assurances that had not materialized.

The Leopards were beaten (0-5) at the weekend, in Yaoundé, by the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon, and eliminated from this campaign by a cumulative score of (0-9), while in the first round, they had showed what they were capable of, eliminating Sao Tome and Principe in turn (7-0), cumulative score

This team has sometimes practiced even on the ground due to a lack of ground. One morning, U20 Leopards were denied access to Ujana center pitch, for not paying the fees.


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