A cult of the sacrament of communion in favor of the faithful Kimbanguists in Nkamba


Nkamba, October 15th, 2021 (CPA).- The Kimbanguist Church organized Thursday in Nkamba, « New Jerusalem« , a worship of communion in favor of new baptized faithful, in particular and of all the faithful in general to commemorate the Lord Jesus Christ through his mystery of transforming the bread into his body.

Held, on the occasion of the third day marking the close of the commemoration of the 70th double anniversary of the physical disappearance of the founder of the Kimbanguist church, Simon Kimbangu, in Elisabeth city and that of the birth of the current spiritual leader, Simon Kimbangu Kiangani, in Nkamba, October 12, 1951, this sacrament of communion and baptism at the Kimbanguist church is scheduled three times a year, on the occasion of major church events.

It is organized every April 6th, date of the foundation of the church, July 08, date of the physical disappearance of the first spiritual leader, Joseph Diangienda Kuntima and October 12th, date of the physical disappearance of Simon Kimbangu, founder of the church and the birth of Simon Kimbangu Kiangani. The communion of the Kimbanguist church is purely traditional.

The blood of Jesus Christ is made from natural honey mixed with holy water, on the other hand, the body of Christ is made from the mixture of bananas, corn, egg and holy water. Satisfaction of the spiritual leader, Simon Kimbangu Kiangani In his message, the spiritual leader and legal representative of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth through his special envoy papa Simon Kimbangu (EJCSK), Simon Kimbangu Kiangani said he was satisfied with the unfolding of the festivities of his birthday and that of the disappearance of his grandfather, the founder of the Kimbanguist church.

He invited the sympathizers and the faithful Kimbanguists of Africa and the world to give themselves to the construction of the holy city of Nkamba, « New Jerusalem », in order to fulfill the prophecy of Simon Kimbangu and contribute to the influence of the saving work of this liberator of oppressed man. Simon Kimbangu Kiangani also urged the faithful to get involved in fishing, breeding and agriculture, while advising the newly baptized « to always take the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ to be risen together with him on the last day ”.

The faithful and sympathizers Kimbanguists offered several gifts to their spiritual father, in particular, oxen, sheets, goats, fish, eggs, juice, sacks of rice, sacks of cement and other useful objects for the construction of the Holy City.

Several personalities took part in this activity, in particular, deputies and senators, ministers (Civil Service; labor, employment and integration; and Vocational Training and Trades), customary chiefs, teachers universities.