A march to promote green innovations


Kinshasa, October 15th, 2021 (CPA) .– A climate march will be organized on October 30 in Kinshasa with the aim of promoting an economy that directs the market towards the response to the climate challenge, said M Junior Tchiteya, leader of the platform « Save Tomorrow », at the end of the umpteenth planning meeting of the march, which was held Thursday at the general secretariat of the Ministry of Youth. According to Junior Tchiteya, this march is part of the principle resulting from the roadmap of the « Save Tomorrow » platform, to set up a citizen action that will mobilize as many young people as possible in order to send a message strong, not only in their involvement in climate emergency issues but also in raising awareness among state authorities of the need to move away from words for concrete actions. And therefore, take advantage of the opportunity offered to get young people out of the wait for a promotion of green innovations. He said his wish is to see Congolese youth engaged in an economic effort to meet climate challenges. The objective of the mobilization, he continued, is also to allow young people to claim their most legitimate rights, to have a promising future, knowing that COVID-19, which has weakened the lifestyle of the worldwide, has affected more than 180 million people and killed more or less 4 million. On the other hand, climate change will affect 150 million people each year against a forecast of 100 million people by 2030.

This worrying situation beats the prospect of the Congolese youth’s way of life in full force because the DRC, he added, is ranked 4th country in the world, among the most exposed to the risks associated with climate change. According to M Tchiteya, this march will also alert public opinion to the climate emergency, mobilize the population to protect and restore the ecosystem by planting at least 1 tree, and bring the voice of future generations, whose future is already in danger and call on those in power to rethink development and take concrete action. For its part, the office of the Minister of Youth said it was satisfied with the approach while supporting the October 30 march, which according to the program, will run along Boulevard Lumumba starting from 1ère rue Limete to 7 rue. « Save Tomorrow », it is recalled, is a sustainable development agency specializing in the promotion of the green, social and solidarity economy and specifically the climate economy. Took part in this meeting, the tripartite of volunteers gathered in the « Save Tomorrow » platform led by Mr. Junior Tchiteya. In this platform, there is on the one hand the administrative authorities of the General Secretariat for Youth of the Ministry of Youth, and on the other hand, the cuckold of NGOs gathered within the Network of Sustainable Development Educators (REDD) , represented by Mr. Jonathan Mbaki.