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Civil society NGOs called on to unblock the electoral process in the DRC

Kinshasa, October 15th, 2021 (CPA)  .- The President of the Board of Directors of CRONGD / Kinshasa and coordinator of the Forum “Synergie des NGOs de Kinshasa”, Didier Mambune, called on the civil society NGOs participating in the work of the forum of the Synergie des ONG de Kinshasa, Special Edition Elections in the DRC, extended to civil society organizations (CSOs), to formulate proposals that effectively contribute to unblocking the electoral process.

Didier Mambune, who declared it at the opening of the 21st special edition “SOS Election in DRC”, said that their contribution is more than expected, because, he added, “it brings a added value for the future of the nation, at a time when religious denominations never cease to shine in the endless procrastination and undermine the electoral process underway in the DRC”. For the PCA of CRONGD / Kinshasa, these meetings also mark a commitment for civil society organizations (CSOs), other than religious denominations, to make their voices heard and offer them the opportunity to reflect « without tongue in cheek » around this subject which concerns the designation of the president of the CENI.

« All the signals are in the red and that the fate of the DRC is to date on a waiver following the stalling of the electoral process », he further underlined, before calling the participants to this special edition of the Forum. Synergy of the NGOs of Kinshasa « SOS elections in the DRC », extended to the CSOs of the provinces of Kongo-Central, Kwango and Kwilu, to stand out through relevant proposals.

Previously, the executive secretary general of CRONGD / Kinshasa and technical supervisor of the Forum, Guy Mudumbula, had given guidelines for this forum focused on the theme: « Strategy for unblocking the electoral process in the DRC: acting on current events and preparing for a good ending. of the process ”.

After describing the blockage that threatens the current evolution of the democratization process triggered decades ago in the DRC, he said that this forum aims to reflect on the mechanisms and strategies to unblock the Congolese electoral process and guarantee its good ending. It also aims to mobilize members of civil society and communities to prepare for a successful end to the Congolese electoral process; to prepare a mechanism for the appropriation and support of the electoral process by CSOs and the forces of the DRC and to reconcile the points of view of different actors of civil society in order to generate a concerted opinion as a way out of the crisis.

Several sub-themes are the subject of discussions during this workshop on in particular the analysis of the situation of blocking of the process of appointment of the president of the CENI under the foot of the articles of the Constitution consecrating the unitary and secular character of the Congolese state as well as the plurality of opinions in the country.

« What about the possible ways out of the current blockage of the electoral process in the DRC, from the point of view of electoral engineering? What appropriate measures for the reduction and better management of electoral disputes in the DRC, in view of the current blockage of the process? Mobilization of a lucid electorate in the context of current deadlock: Driving role of CSOs, young people and women in exiting the crisis « , such is the subject initiated during these meetings This edition, he added, will continue with the Post-Forum stage which will consist in particular of drawing up a roadmap.

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