ESU Minister reaffirms his commitment to fight against the theft of university heritage


Kinshasa, October 15th, 2021 (CPA)  .- The Minister in charge of Higher and University Education (ESU), Muhindo Nzangi Butondo reaffirmed Thursday, during his visit to the National Institute of the Arts (INA), his determination to fight against the theft of university heritage in the DRC. Under the leadership of the Director General of the INA, Prof. Yoka Lye, the Minister of ESU was able to feel the realities of the site of this public establishment which has been the subject of threats of theft by third parties for several years. The members of the management committee, the representatives of the academic body, of the students and of the union, presented to Minister Muhindo Nzangi all the legal acts of property rights conferred by the competent authorities to the INA located in the commune of Gombe in Kinshasa. They called on the President of the Republic, the Minister of ESU and other competent authorities to get involved in this dossier to restore the INA to its rights. « Otherwise we will be in the street to say no to the theft of our university site », they hammered. Muhindo Nzangi, who promised to submit this dossier to the Council of Ministers, stressed that « it is inconceivable that an individual should appropriate the buildings of the ESU, I will not allow a single building of the ESU to be taken by an individual during my reign. It is the same message that I gave to Bunia as well as to the Higher Institute of Statistics (ISS) of Lubumbashi where a foreigner took over the university site ”. Finally, he visited this site of the INA, which for the years 1961 has been training quality artists not only in the DRC but also in the African region, in musical and dramatic arts and in cultural animation.

Dismissal of petition against ESU minister over closure of unsustainable medical schools

In addition, the request of national deputy Bernard Kayumba, introduced to the Council of State to annul the decision of the Minister of the ESU on the closure of non-viable medical schools, was rejected for lack of interest, said Friday., at the CPA, the cabinet of the Minister of ESU, Muhindo Nzangi. This decision of the Minister, which is saving public health, must apply in the academic year 2021-2022. Supervision measures for students in rising classes in closed faculties have already been adopted, the source indicates, adding that those in particular from Kinshasa will be grouped together at Simon Kimbangu University under the supervision of the University of Kinshasa.