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The Minister of EPST instructs SECOPE to reactivate some schools deactivated from the payroll file

Kinshasa, October 15th, 2021 (CPA) .- The Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Pr Tony Mwaba Kazadi has instructed the Teachers’ Payroll and Control Service (SECOPE) to reactivate some schools deactivated from the file pay, indicates a document of this ministry received Friday at the CPA. According to this document, we find on the list of schools sent to SECOPE by the Minister of EPST, schools from the educational provinces of Tshangu in Kinshasa, Kwilu 2 and 3, Tshopo 1, North Kivu 1, of Kasaï Central 1 and Kasaï Oriental. Among these reactivated schools, we must mention EM Toco 1 and Institut Toco 1 (Tshangu), EP Tambano, EP Belemiese, EP Makinzi, EP Temuna, EP Murumba, EP Nsamansama, EP Luzolo, EP Lutolonkwa and EP Tomisa (Kwilu 2 ), EP Genenge, EP Nkoy, EP Kanika, EP Zola, EP Maman Poto, the S / PRPV Adventiste and S / P Kimbanguiste (Kwilu 3) coordination offices, EP Maranatha, EP Bomamey, EP Tujengebabula and EP Liambombo ( Tshopo 1), the coordination offices Res Kimbanguiste and Cons Res Cac (North Kivu 1), Nsapo Katamba and EP Bishop  Badibasue (Kasaï central 1) and the coordination offices S / Prov Orthodoxe, S / Prov ERC and the national Orthodox coordination (Kasai Oriental). According to the same source, these schools were reactivated following the mid-term conclusions of the Commission responsible for analyzing the appeals of schools deactivated during the operation of cleaning the payroll file. It should be noted that the reactivation of the other schools will be done gradually according to the deliberations of the ad-hoc Commission for cleaning up the payroll file.

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