President Felix Tshisekedi examines the state of play of African regional economic integration


Kinshasa, October 17th, 2021 (CPA).- The President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, chaired, on Saturday, in virtual mode, from his offices in the city of the African Union (AU), in his as President in office of the Pan-African Institution, a summit on the state of play of African regional economic integration.

The coordinator of the Panel responsible for accompanying the term of office of DRC to the Presidency of the African Union (AU) for fiscal year 2021-2022, Alphonse Ntumba Luaba, who took an active part in this forum, indicated that it was about a « very big summit which focused on the coordination of the activities, but also, on the programs of the pan-African institution and the regional economic communities ».

According to Alphonse Ntumba Luaba, the work of the forum itself, crystallized around a number of questions related to the effective establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ZECLAF).

The coordinator of the Panel Alphonse Ntumba Luaba

What remains to be done, he added, is in particular the ratification, for those who have not yet done so, of the Protocol of the African Economic Community concerning, among other things, the free movement of persons, the right of establishment and right of residence.

« We have insisted a lot on the contribution and the effective participation, in an inclusive approach, of women and young people in the perspective of the construction of African regional integration », he underlined, before praising the advances already recorded in the process of African regional integration notwithstanding, certain constraints linked in particular to security and other aspects.

Said summit, it is recalled, brought together in particular the Bureau of the National Assembly and the other members of the Bureau, as well as the President of the African Development Bank (ADB), the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission of the United Nations for Africa, the General Secretary of ZECLAF and many other participants. ACP/Khonde