The mayor Brigitte Mwalukie informed of the concerns of social layers of N’sele municipality


Kinshasa, October 17th, 2021 (CPA).– The new mayor of N’sele municipality, Mrs. Brigitte Mwalukie Kembe, affirmed, during an interview on Saturday with CPA, to have become aware of major problems of his municipality, from the tour of making contacts with social strata, which it has been carrying out for a few weeks, in 56 neighborhoods that make up this urban-rural municipality.

She noted among these concerns, the insufficiency of electricity, drinking water supply, police stations, public schools, public markets, the crying deficit of suitable toilets in several residential plots, as well as the persistence of plot conflicts and customary power and others.

Wherever she goes, Ms. Mulukie said that she first collects the grievances of each entity in order to resemble them, to examine them and to submit them to the appreciation of her hierarchy for the solutions which are necessary, before specify that all these problems will have to be gradually resolved in order to consolidate tranquility, peace and unity among its citizens.

It is in this context that she invited all the customary chiefs within her jurisdiction on Friday to a call to order meeting concerning, in particular, respect for the procedure for the succession of customary power and the orderly sale of land belonging to customary chiefs. .

Priorities to remote entities

In addition, the mayor explained her tour plan which gives priority to entities far from N’sele municipal house, located in city of Kinkole, citing in particular Dingi-Dingi, Mikondo, Kikimi 1, 2, 3 and Buma.

In addition, the municipal authority said to use its raids on the ground to pass the message in connection with the operation « Kinshasa-Bopeto » which is close to heart the governor of Kinshasa city, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka so that the capital becomes clean again, without forgetting to launch an appeal for vigilance against all the enemies of peace.

Brigitte Mwalukie Kembe has been at the head of N’sele municipality since September 2nd, replacing Augustin N’kama Indi. She comes from Lingwala municipality, where she also assumed the functions of mayor. ACP/LYD