The National Assembly approves the designation of 12 members of CENI


Kinshasa, October 17th, 2021 (CPA).- The plenary of the National Assembly ratified, on Saturday, 12 of 15 members of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), during a plenary led by its president, Christophe Mboso N ‘Kodia Pwanga, in the convention hall of the People’s Palace.

The plenary adopted the report of the joint committee responsible for examining the candidates’ individual files, which retains Denis Kadima as President of CENI.

If the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) and the Church of Christ in Congo (ECC) have not approved the candidacy of Denis Kadima for the presidency of CENI, the Common Front for Congo (FCC) and Ensemble of Moise Katumbi did not delegate their candidates to CENI.

Two posts are to be filled in the office, namely, the titular quaestor and the post of 2nd vice-president.

The complete list of CENI members is as follows: Denis Kadima Kazadi: President; Bienvenu Ilanga Lembow: first vice-president; Second vice-president to be filled (opposition); Patricia Nseya Mulema: Rapporteur; Paul Muhindo Mulemberi: Deputy Rapporteur; Quaestor (to be filled); Sylvie Birembano Balume: Deputy Quaestor; Pascal Lepemba: member; Fabien Boko Matondo: member; Blaise Ditu Monizi: member; Roger Bimwala: Member; Josephine Ngalula: member; Gerard Bisambu, member; Adine Omokoko Asamoto, member.

In his address to the plenary, the president of the lower house of Parliament, Christophe Mboso, congratulated the personalities appointed by the political components and civil society, indicating that the list approved by his institution will be sent to the President of the Republic for investiture.

Christophe Mboso also congratulated the members of the plenary appointed by their components. They are Roger Bimwala, Adine Onokoko, Josephine Ngalula, Blaise Ditu, Fabien Boba, Pascal Lipemba and Blaise Vitu.

The 8th member of the plenary will have to come from the opposition which has not delegated the 2nd vice-president of the office and the titular quaestor either.

Previously, the plenary had adopted the report of the joint majority-opposition committee which was responsible for examining the individual files of candidate members of CENI.

Andre Mbata, its president, recalled that CENI could not be completely independent, because its members are invested by presidential ordinance and their designation endorsed by the National Assembly. ACP/Yog