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Box’Art for the promotion of works of art by Congolese artists

Kinshasa, October 19th, 2021 (CPA).– The general director of the « Box’Art » structure, Ruth Luhata, declared on Friday that her structure is campaigning for the promotion of works of art by Congolese artists, during an evening of exhibition of works of art called « Box’revolution », held at the Aw’art Center, in Bandalungwa municipality.

The president, Ruth Luhata informed that « Box’Art » is a structure which aims to promote the talents of works, in nine major arts categories, such as: music, ceramics, painting, photography, fashion and others.

She clarified that the purpose of these exhibitions is to present the works of Congolese artists to the public, stressing that in addition to the sale and fundraising of the evening, Box’Art also sets itself up as a physical showcase, in in order to lend a hand to young artists, to the promotion of their products and finally to promote the development of art.

Mrs. Ruth Luhata underlined that Box’Art has many projects in favor of artists in order to eradicate unemployment and poverty, in particular support in entrepreneurship, before launching an appeal to the authorities as well as to people of good will, to support Box’Art in this process which is so beneficial for Congolese youth.

An exhibition is also planned for March next year.

For his part, the vice-president, Kay Ngoyi, worked on the advantages of art which, according to him, contributes to the development of the youth and contributes to the development of the country, before pleading for the creation of a cultural policy which takes into account the needs of art promotion.


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