Pierrot Elameji raises awareness of patriotism in « My love letter and my cry from the heart for you my Congo »


Kinshasa, October 19th, 2021 (CPA).- Dr. Michel Luvudi, member of COVID-19 response team, focused on the baptismal font on Saturday in the Africana Palace party hall in Lingwala municipality, the book by journalist Pierrot Elamenji, entitled “My love letter and my cry for you my Congo”, carrying a message to raise awareness among the Congolese about patriotism.

In this 64-page book grouped in a poetic style and published in 2019, published by Mary Brofoundation, the author sensitizes the Congolese people to cultivate love for the country, to prioritize the general interest, to promote justice, believing that the country needs it for its take-off.

For Dr. Luvudi, this work contains the essential dimensions, among other things a prescription which has a part of prevention, a curative treatment leading to the change of DRC, a sap of a vision and raises the engine of a materialization of others works of the writer.

For his part, the provincial president of the National Press Union of Congo/Kinshasa city (UNPC/Kinshasa), Jean-Marie Kassamba, presented this literary work as a plea for the Congo in an attachment to the common value.

He also recalled the new paradigm of Bantu precepts that the author raises in his work, while calling on leaders and ruled to remain awake in their country.

« This book does not only contain the written words but also a soul » declared, for his part, Pierrot Elamenji, affirming that he was motivated to write « My love letter and my cry of heart for you my Congo » starting from the failure of the multiparty system decreed in DRC, which he calls a “missed appointment” and from a financial story between him and his wife.

Pierrot Elamenji Tshimbila has been a journalist and media specialist for more than two decades, including ten years with Radio Okapi. He is also a speaker, trainer who heads the group “Beyond Limits” (ADL), a training structure in personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship.