Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo appoints Priest François Luyey parish administrator of St Dominic


Kinshasa, October 25th, 2021 (ACP) .- The cardinal, metropolitan archbishop of Kinshasa, Fridolin Ambongo has appointed Abbot François Luyeye, parish administrator of St Dominic in the municipality of Limete, following the two decrees relating to the cessation of pastoral collaboration between the Vicariate General Pius V of the Order of Preachers of the DRC, learned the CPA on Monday from the diocesan chancellery. The decree of Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo stipulates that: « Considering the urgency to provide for the spiritual good of the faithful of the parish of St Dominic who are tried by a situation which risks sowing doubt on their Faith and wishing to express to these brave Christians and Christians the concern of their pastor ”. The parish administrator is subject to the same duties and enjoys the same rights as the parish priest according to canon 540. Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, metropolitan archbishop of Kinshasa based his serious decisions on the following facts and in these terms: « considering the refusal of the Dominicans to carry out the order which was given to stop the works, while everything was still at the level tracing, thus failing in the duty of obedience to the ordinary of the place, considering the fact that this construction did not receive the consent of the diocesan bishop and does not fall within the order of the apostolic works for which the house nun of the Order of Preachers was constituted, the tense climate that reigns between the faithful of St Dominic and the Order of Preachers because of this unilateral decision to rent parish immovable property to a merchant without the authorization of the diocesan bishop and without the advice of the Council of Economic Affairs ”. And so that the“ salvation of souls does not suffer any damage, because, insists the decree, this is the supreme law of the Catholic Church ”. Especially the fact that « considering the provocative location of this two-storey building, located less than two meters from the Marian Grotto and about twenty meters from the parish church ». ACP/