Coach Alain Landeut intends to free Motema Pembe from the supremacy of V. Club at LINAFOOT


Kinshasa, October 26th, 2021 (CPA) .- The coach of DC Motema Pembe, Alain Landeut, posted Tuesday, in a pre-match conference, at the headquarters of LINAFOOT, in the town of Gombe, his ambition to liberate his team of the supremacy of V.Club, in match of the 8th day of the 27th championship of the National Football League (LINAFOOT). According to Alain Landeut, the Immaculate Kinshasa already had the spirit in this derby of the green devils of the capital before their trip to Rwanda, for the first leg of the CAF Cup against AS Kigali. “We knew that we would win with the ambition to be in the four corners of this competition. We have prepared for this, knowing that we will play a series of difficult matches like in Europe. This is the professionalism that I am instilling in the players. In my opinion, this is only the beginning, ”he said, with a look at the past of the two opponents. « I was told of the supremacy of the Black Dolphins over the Immaculate, whose last victory dates back to 2017. This time it will be our turn because, as far as I know, DC Motema Pembe has the most complimentary with a very ambitious president”, added Landeut, sure of himself on the way of playing of his adversary. “We have studied V.Club well and found many shortcomings and strengths there so that nothing is unknown to us. Motema Pembe, whose workforce is complete, with the exception of goalkeeper Kamalandwaku suffering from the finger, will impose his system of play. Despite his injury, the green and white club will bet on two other goalkeepers, namely: Hervé Lomboto and a Nigerian doorman, ”said Alain Landeut, who erased any euphoric tendency after the qualification of his foals in Africa before handing over to Christian Kayembe Ndotoni.

“All the players are in good spirits after qualifying for the rest of the CAF Cup. Never mind, in any case, we cannot forget the national championship, the necessary route for access to the continent. We take this game seriously because V.Club is a great team and we take it seriously. But, we are keen on snatching the 3 points from this match, ”said the player. Dominique Cionci, V.Club coach: “Do everything to win this derby”. Coach Dominique Yves Cionci began by congratulating DC Motema Pembe on his qualification for the CAF Cup. Then, he continued on the match itself. “Overall, the managers, the technical staff and the players, we are all aware of our elimination. So we started with a work of mental recovery so that we can better tackle this derby. For the rest, it is an honor for us to be able to play it. This will be our 4th match in the championship and we aim to win it, despite the respect we have for the green and white club Kinshasa. In this regard, we will make an effort not to concede a goal as we experienced last Friday. We know where we are going and what we need to do ”. Patou Ebunga Simba, V.Club player: « Our misstep is a reason for awakening » “We have made a mistake on the continent. What forces us to come out of our torpor for a new beginning. The derby on Wednesday is at the center of our concern. We have no room for error because we want victory, even if it will not be easy against DC Motema Pembe who is on the rise. The players who will be at their first derby have been informed about the importance of it and that a good performance from them will bode well for their careers. And that a failure could have a negative impact. As far as I am concerned individually, it will be yet another shock that I experienced before returning to V.Club to this day”. ACP/