Congolese Luntaka Nkosi gives the DRC a second victory at the world boxing championship


Kinshasa, October 29th, 2021 (CPA)  .- Congolese boxer Luntaka Nkosi offered the DRC a 2nd victory on Thursday in Belgrade, capital of Serbia at the world boxing championship, announced Friday to the CPA , the communication directorate of the Congolese Boxing Federation (FCB). According to the source, the Congolese pugilist fulfilled the promise he made before this fight, adding that Nathan Luntaka Nkosi alias « Voda » caused a sensation on Thursday, October 28, in this competition against Alouch Martin of Kenya. In this fight, Luntaka negotiated the first round well and won without much difficulty. The 2nd round starts with determination, on both sides. Aware of the importance of this 2nd recovery, the Congolese does not abdicate and rushes on the Kenyan, despite the latter waking up somewhat late in the 2nd minute of this second round, the Congolese pugilist seems well in place with shots that mostly hit the target. In the meantime, Kenyan is finally called to order by the referees. In the third and last round, hotly contested, knowing that he only had this round to tip the fight in his favor, Alouch Martin accentuated his presence in the ring by a direct rapprochement with his opponent. It was then that he was trapped by Luntaka who cornered him with the accuracy of his punches until the end of the fight. After consultation with the jury, the Congolese boxer Nathan Luntaka Nkosi was declared the winner of the round of 16 between Africans by a point victory by 5-0.