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Eleven new confirmed cases of Covid-19 detected in the DRC on Wednesday

Kinshasa, October 30th, 2021 (CPA) – Eleven (11) new confirmed cases of Covid-19 were recorded on Wednesday in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), out of 2,169 samples tested, including 9 in Kongo Central and 2 in Kinshasa, reports the Daily bulletin from the Technical Secretariat of the Multisectoral Covid-19 Response Committee received at the CPA on Friday. Seven (7) new deaths were recorded among the confirmed cases as of Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 in Kasai Oriental. In addition, six patients were declared cured in Covid treatment centers (CTCo) and among patients followed at home. With the new harmonization of the figures, the province of Kongo Central had notified 12 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of October 26th, 2021. This brought its cumulation on that date to 3,009 cases and the total cumulation of cases to 57,540. The national level of the response is awaiting the update of data from several provincial Health Divisions for harmonization. Since the declaration of the epidemic on March 10th, 2020, the cumulative number of cases is 57,555, including 57,553 laboratory-confirmed cases and 2 probable cases. In total, there were 1,098 deaths and 50,977 people cured. The Covid-19 test is free in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, except for travelers who will have to pay 30 US dollars, it is recalled. All twenty-six (26) provinces of the DRC are affected by this epidemic. These are the provinces of Kinshasa (34,115 cases), North Kivu (6,235 cases), Haut-Katanga (4,287 cases), Kongo Central (3,018 cases), Lualaba (2,772 cases), South Kivu (2,763 cases), Ituri (1,126 cases), Tshopo (953 cases), Haut-Uélé (612 cases), Equateur (381 cases), Kasaï Central (301 cases), Kasaï (212 cases), Kasai Oriental (149 cases), Nord-Ubangi (119 cases), Maniema (103 cases), Bas-Uélé (94 cases), Lomami (88 cases), Sud-Ubangi ( 70 cases), Haut-Lomami (57 cases), Kwilu (31 cases), Tanganyika (23 cases), Kwango (14 cases), Mongala (13 cases), Tshuapa (13 cases), from Sankuru (4 cases), from Mai-Ndombe (2 cases).

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