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Good progress of the championships under the subdelegated agreements of the LIFKIN

Kinshasa, October 29th, 2021 (CPA)  .- The championships of the subdelegated Ententes of the Kinshasa Football League (LIFKIN) are going normally well, respecting the sporting standards of the regulations developed this year by the LIFKIN, noted the CPA. For a flawless sporting season, LIFKIN has made available to its Agreements qualified men who form the body of match officials, so that the latter apply the changes to the playing laws required by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). The performances of the match officials formed by LIFKIN, give the taste to sportsmen across the city of Kinshasa, to create many clubs to supervise the youth. Each year, LIFKIN organizes a seminar to supervise the referees and match commissioners to teach them any changes to the universal football laws, promulgated by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).

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