Congolese press encouraged to participate in SADC journalism competition, 2022 edition


Kinshasa, November 1st, 2021 (CPA) .- The director of the cabinet of the Minister of Communication and Media, and government spokesperson, Nicolas Lianza Likwale calls for a significant participation of Congolese journalists and media in the SADC journalism competition , 2022 edition, opened since Saturday, in member countries of this African region, said the ministry in a press release delivered to the CPA on Saturday.

According to the source, this annual competition which encourages media in the region to take a leadership role in disseminating information on SADC, in support of the process of regional cooperation and integration, is open to any journalist from the region. region covering the following categories: the written press, the radio press, the television press and the photographic press. The competition rules are available from the SADC media and services coordinator, in the office of the Minister of Communication and Media, the source reports.

CNDH and CAPG: a workshop on peace, reconciliation and transitional justice The President of the CNDH, Mwamba Mushikonke (right) Kinshasa, Oct. 31, 2021 (ACP) .- The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), in collaboration with the African Center for Peace and Governance (CAPG), held a workshop on peace on Friday in Kinshasa , reconciliation and transitional justice in the DRC, for members of Congolese civil society organizations.

The president of the CNDH, Mwamba Mushikonke Mwamus, stressed, on this occasion, that this workshop will allow participants, members of different civil society organizations, and human rights commissioners in the DRC to develop a common understanding of peace and reconciliation and their correlation with transitional justice, for a common commitment to fight against the brakes or obstacles to peace, reconciliation and justice in the DRC.

For his part, the national president of the CAPG and national executive secretary of the Working Group on Transitional Justice (GTJT), Bienvenu Karhakubwa Nam’ebigaba, presented the two themes selected during this session of the workshop, before the work. in a group between the participants.

Presentations The first presentation focused on the theme « Peace, reconciliation and justice in the DRC » was dissected by the president of the CAPG, while the second intervention was the subject of a debate between the participants on the priority pragmatic perspectives for peace. and transitional justice. In his presentation on the theme “Peace, reconciliation and justice in the DRC”, Bienvenu Karhakubwa explained that reconciliation concerns both the victim and the criminal.

According to him, the true reconciliation must have as main result, the healing and the restoration of the victim, but also the social integration of the criminal, responding for a harmonious post-conflict society. He further underlined that the peace crisis in the DRC or the armed conflicts that are tearing the country apart have their roots in the control, exploitation and management of natural resources, mainly minerals. « Almost every armed group wants to seize mining squares to exploit the minerals there and sell them to multinationals and, in return, buy weapons … », he insisted, specifying that « the process of reconciliation calls us in particular, to take a look at the sad past, not to become sad again, but to think carefully about the future to be built”.

The participants divided into work groups, after these presentations, to reflect on the priority pragmatic actions on peace, reconciliation and transitional justice in the DRC, before the President of the CNDH closed this day, on a note of satisfaction. ACP/