End of the academic year at the lSTM-MRP in Kenge


Kenge, November 1st, 2021 (CPA) .– The Director General of the Marie King of the Peace Higher Institute of Medical Techniques in Kenge (ISTM-MRP / Kenge), prof. Abbot Floribert Kiala Sadila-Kanda, proceeded to the official closing on Saturday in Kenge of the 2020-2021 academic year, and to the graduation ceremony within this institute for the first session.

The CEO of ISTM-MRP / Kenge Pr. Abbot  Floribert Kiala Sadila-Kanda and the academic body Professor

Abbot Kiala Sadila-Kanda, who took office at the head of this institution on July 12th, 2021, promised to put an end to the mediocrity that has taken up residence in this alma mater to give way to excellence, calling everyone to do their best to seek this excellence desired at all costs in order to give this Institution an image that hoists it in the concert of the best regarded institutions at the scientific level.

 The DG of the ISTM-MRP addressed the teachers of this institution, indicating that no immorality will be accepted in particular, in the coinage of the points, the harassment of the students, the sloppy courses, promising that from now on the students will rate the teachers, because, he stressed, the mediocre will be cut off from the hourly load.

He invited all in unison, « we want a scientific body and a working staff united and ready to collaborate without considering the origins or the affiliation ».

He also promised to provide the ISTM-MRP with a good number of teachers to raise the level of training, a bus for the movement of students and agents, a restaurant-bar, ‘a technical room worthy for practice as well as a laboratory.

Father Kiala Sadila-Kanda, moreover, urged all the laureates to be their ambassadors in their respective workplaces, to defend the color of the institution that generated them. For his part, the academic secretary general, Prof. Benjamin Ngongo Mulemba, who presented the assessment report of the 2020-2021 academic year, said that the ISTM-MRP operated with a staff of 1,287 students in all courses and promotions.

However, out of 325 finalists in graduate and 89 in second license, all options combined, 53 finished in the first session and 327 were admitted to the second session. Out of the 380 recipients, only one finalist of 3rd graduate, midwife option obtained the great distinction with 81.6% and 2 others obtained the distinction against 50 satisfactions. The student having obtained the great distinction, was supported by the ISTM-MRP in order to allow her to do her license. ACP/