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GSMA downgrades Bafana (2-0) in D1 of EUFKIN-Lipopo

Kinshasa, November 1st, 2021 (CPA), – The GSMA downgraded the IC BAFANA on its way, final score of 2-0, Saturday, at the field of the town of Mont Ngafula, on behalf of the 7th day of the championship of Kinshasa Urban Football Agreement (EUFKIN) -Lipopo. Here are the other results of the matches of the same day: The As-AC Forum 2-0; Etomat-Bwasad 1-1; EJC-SC Limete 1-1; JSK-P- Rainbow 2-1; FONAK-Fatundu 2-0; FC José-Rclemba 0-0. Matete surprised by Les Vainqueurs (0-1) in division II UJS Matete was surprised by FC les Vainqueurs on the score of 0-1, Friday, at the Salongo field, in the town of Limete, as part of the 6th day of the division 2 championship of the Urban Agreement of Kinshasa Football (EUFKIN) -Lipopo.

The other results are as follows: AC Girem- FC Saint Etienne / GM 1-1; FC Léopardeau -FC Victoria de Kin 0- 0; AC MBD Masano-JS Wangata 0-1; AS Bol’S-Saint Dominique AC 1-1; AS AJ Agricoza-AFMarket 0-3; CS Manya-OFC of Lemba 1-0; OC Bonheur-AS Balayi 0-1; SC Fortunat- OCNayya 1-1; ASBA – FC Ndjoko Sport 0-1. St Dominique AC will play AC MBD Masano on Monday at EUFKIN-Lipopo Saint Dominique AC will play AC MBD Masano on Monday at the Sainte-Rita field, in the match of the 7th day of the EUFKIN-Lipopo championship. For the first time in the same facilities, AF Market will cross paths with AS Bol’s.ACP/

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