Finland: Moderna vaccine suspended in four European countries


Kinshasa, November 1st, 2021 (CPA).- Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have announced the suspension of Moderna vaccine in young men due to the risk of myocarditis, the Finnish press reported.

According to the same source, in recent days, four countries in northern Europe have announced that they are partially suspending the vaccine developed by Moderna. Finland and Sweden have banned it for men under 30, while Denmark and Norway have formally advised against it for people under 18. In question, the greater risk for this category of the population of developing myocarditis, according to experts. « A Scandinavian study associating these four countries established that men injected with Moderna’s Spikevax and aged less than 30 years had a slightly increased risk of developing inflammation of the myocardium », explained during a press briefing Mika Salminen, director of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. « Most of these cases of myocardial inflammation are mild and transient, healing on their own within days, but there is a risk. »

These inflammations mainly occur after the injection of the second dose, but are very rare. In Sweden, 34 cases of myocarditis were observed after Moderna vaccine, out of 1.8 million injected doses, or 0.0019% of those vaccinated. A minimal rate, but higher than that observed for the Pfizer vaccine (0.0007% of myocarditis). The finding is similar in Norway: the country has recorded 34 cases of myocarditis out of 1.5 million injections (or 0.0024%, against 0.0021% for Pfizer).

The development of inflammation of the myocardium « is a known risk of these vaccines» reacted on LCI Prof. Alain Fischer, chairman of the Orientation Council of the vaccine strategy. He ensures that the French data are monitored « very closely » by the national drug agency. « The risk is there, but when we compare it to the risk of developing much more severe heart damage from the disease, it is much less. »

Therefore, « the benefit-risk analysis remains quite positive », according to Professor Fischer, according to whom « the inflammation is transient and subsides in a few days ». « You have to be vigilant, transparent, but not to worry, » he concluded. ACP/