President Félix Tshisekedi calls for the mobilization of all to end the negative forces in eastern DRC


Kinshasa, November 3rd, 2021 (CPA).- The President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC), Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, called last month, from the United Nations rostrum, to New York to a mobilization of everyone, to end once and for all with the negative forces that have roamed the northeast of the DRC for more than 20 years. The magazine « Echos Miliaire », which took up this declaration in its 23rd edition (September-October 2021), reached the CPA on Tuesday, indicated that the significant progress made due to the establishment of the state of siege in North Kivu and Ituri, constitute an opportunity to capitalize on. On this occasion, the Head of State asked the international community to lift the embargo for any importation of military effects by the Congolese government, or any assistance, advice or training related to military activities. DRC armed and security forces; sanctions against all mafia networks, whether in transit or destination countries, or against multinationals that illegally exploit minerals in the DRC and in the Great Lakes region, as well as to work for the withdrawal of MONUSCO is progressive, responsible and orderly.

Complimentary review of FARDC operations in the provinces under siege

The same bimonthly indicated in this same edition, that the operations of the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) are carried out in a professional manner and with determination to put an end to the enemies of peace in the provinces under a state of siege. From May to September 2021, military units deployed in Ituri neutralized 81 terrorists from ADF, CODECO, FPIC, CHINI YA KILIMA and many other Mai-Mai armed groups. Under their pressure, 29 ADF surrendered with weapons and 359 people taken hostage by the negative forces were released. The FARDC also worked to strengthen the protection of the population and reopen national and provincial roads for the smooth flow of goods and people. The RN27, on the Bunia-Djugu-Mahagi axis to Kengezi Base is again reopened to traffic, just as the Bunia Bunia-Kanseyi-Tshomia road axis is experiencing an overflowing number of activities. This work also enabled economic activity to resume on the Bunia-Irumu-Marabo-Komanda road axis. Regarding the RN4, the Iga Barrière-Bambu-Kobu-Mungwalu axis benefits from security supervision from the FARDC as well as from MONUSCO troops. During the same period, the FARDC neutralized 147 terrorists from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) and Maï-Maï, captured 88 terrorists in North Kivu, forcing 766 others to surrender. They also recovered 496 weapons and ammunition from the enemy. During these operations, the stampeding enemy killed 21 civilians in their flight. In his editorial, Major General Léon-Richard Kasonga Cibangu, spokesperson for the FARDC, also praised the victories that the FARDC is garnering in Ituri and North Kivu to restore state authority and restore order. public and peace as well as to restore hope to the population.