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CPA workers denounce the theft of their land in Kinkole

Kinshasa, November 15th, 2021 (CPA) – The Monitoring Committee of the Collective of Workers of the Congolese Press Agency (CPA), owners of plots looted from CPA-Kinkole Site, calls for the involvement of the competent authorities, for a suitable solution.

This appeal is addressed in particular, to the General Attorney at the Court of Cassation, to the Ministers in charge of Communication and Media, Land Affairs, Town Planning and Housing, as well as Justice, for the return of their plots, to the resulting from the dialogue held for this purpose.

The agents and executives who were victims of this theft are protesting against the fact that people not known to the CPA illegally become owners of the land reserved for rights holders.

According to the Collective’s Monitoring Committee, a good number of beneficiaries of these plots acquired in 2005 at Quartier KIMIA, Inter-Congolese dialogue, in N’SELE municipality, from the Customary Chief Ngabu Imbali, lost their land as a result of the complicity of their former colleague, Clement KISUNGU.

The latter, in fact, was mandated to negotiate the acquisition of land in their favor. This operation was beautiful and well carried out, each one having obtained in good and due form a certificate of parcel ownership and file. But, Kisungu fraudulently resold these lands to third parties, without having the quality.

For the Monitoring Committee, by virtue of the land law, the illegals or better, the people not working in CPA and having obtained by back door these lands, must purely and simply cede them to the first occupants in accordance with this land law.

He denounces, moreover, the insecurity, the arbitrary arrests of which the agents and executives of CPA are the object, by the reckless behavior of Kinsungu, who takes advantage of his connections to distribute the land of the workers of this public media to a few well-identified Courts and Tribunals, in order to obtain protection from them.

The Collective stresses that justice was seized of this file in 1345 at the High Court of Kinkole (TGI) in order to restore, in their rights, the staff of CPA who intends to go to the end in this case. ACP /

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