51 cases of cholera recorded in the city of Baraka Katanga


Baraka, November 22nd, 2021 (CPA).- The Katanga state health center in the commune of the same name in Baraka, one of the towns in the province of South Kivu, has identified fifty one cases of cholera , since the beginning of November 2021. The nurse in charge of the center, Pierre Lumenge Lwe’ya said in an interview with the press, stressing that this number is likely to gallop in the days. He urged the inhabitants of this entity to respect hygiene rules to prevent this epidemic from spreading in this part of the city. It is for more than three years that the cholera epidemic has not been completely under control despite water chlorination measures, awareness raising on the fight against cholera and vaccination which has not been very successful. to suspicion on Covid-19, it is indicated.