Holding of a day of reflection on the applicability of children’s rights in Ituri


Bunia, November 22nd, 2021 (CPA) .– The vice-governor of Ituri, the division commissioner Benjamin Alongabony, opened at the hotel de la Province, the day of reflection on the applicability of the rights of the Child in Ituri. One of the participants for the day in Bunia The vice-governor of Ituri called on parents to take responsibility for the education of their education by saying these words: « We are the ones who gave birth to these children, because they never asked to be born, but rather we, the parents. » “The rights of the child is a divine right that they cannot be left at the mercy of the street, and you children must claim your rights, because it is not a favor, and we adults must reflect on your rights, by becoming aware, ”he said. The president of the Children’s Parliament in Ituri, Miss Lukusha Ntumba, spoke of the specific context of this dear province, specifying that the situation relating to the Rights of the Child is far from reaching its success despite the multiple efforts provided by the provincial government and the structures which militate for the respect of the rights of the child. Maino Mahamadou, Field Manager of the NGO Save the Children International, for his part, declared that the purpose of this day is to study the bottleneck which obstructs the applicability of the rights of the Child against the backdrop of Ituri. She underlined that this activity is an opportunity to be seized by all, since the provincial authority is interested in the situation of children. Some recommendations accompanied by pleas will be submitted to the provincial authority, it is specified.