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The annual investment plan of the annex municipality in Lubumbashi estimated at more or less CDF 47,370 130,000

Lubumbashi, November 22nd, 2021 (CPA) .– The Annual Investment Plan (PIA) of this municipality for the year 2021, is estimated at more or less forty-seven billion three hundred and seventy million one hundred and thirty thousand Congolese francs (CDF 47 370,130,000), or twenty-three million six hundred and eighty-five thousand sixty-five dollars (23,685,065 USD). Saturin Kahumba, representative of the annex commune in Lubumbashi, a town in the Haut-Katanga province, revealed this at the closing of the seminar recently organized by the Action for the development and management of natural resources (ADGRN) in collaboration with the Hanns Seidel Foundation (FHS) for the benefit of the lifeblood of the municipality Annex. According to the representative, the PIA of this municipality is subdivided into pillars namely the enhancement of human capital, employment and development of social well-being, good governance and the consolidation of peace, economic diversification and growth of production, l land use planning, protection and management of the environment. He listed some projects carried out; in particular raising public awareness of barrier measures against Covid-19, the identification of all districts without dungeons, the construction of a modern market in the Joli site district, the construction and the rehabilitation of dilapidated bridges, continued drilling of water wells. He specified that the Local Development Plan (PDL) is drawn up for a period of 5 years, but the annual tranche that will have to be evaluated is the PIA. The recommendations At the end of these two-day theoretical and practical meetings, several recommendations were formulated, among others the organization of a local development committee (CDL) of the annex municipality made up of civil society, the frank collaboration between mining companies and affected communities, monitoring the implementation of the specifications and sensitizing affected communities on their duties and rights. The head of the annex commune office, Ukulu El Banze representative of the mayor thanked the ADGRN and the FHS for their support for sustainable development, and promised to transmit to the communal authority the recommendations resulting from these meetings to find solutions. suitable in order to achieve the vision of “grassroots development” of the Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi. He asked the living forces of the annex commune to put into practice the knowledge acquired during this seminar and to work in collaboration with the competent authorities to better defend the interests of the population. For his part, the coordinator of the ADGRN of dismembered Katanga, Mr. Joseph Ntumba, thanked the mayor of the annex commune, Rémy Munsense for his involvement in the promotion of sustainable development and his determination to carry out certain projects to ensure, a somewhat, the protection and social security of the inhabitants of its jurisdiction. He also thanked the participants, before inviting them to appropriate the specifications signed by the companies and their contents, and to assess the contribution of the mining sector in the implementation of the local development plan. This seminar was attended by the administration of the annex commune, opinion leaders, citizen movements of NGOs and the local development committee.

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