Kinshasa: Disruption of public transport on Monday following the strike by taxi and bus drivers


Kinshasa, November 23rd, 2021 (CPA).- Kinshasa population experienced, on Monday, disruption of public transport disrupted on the entire road network of Kinshasa city, following a strike movement triggered by the drivers of taxis and taxi-buses, found CPA, during a round in the municipalities of the capital.

Already in the early hours of the morning, bus stops were inundated with commuters, especially schoolchildren, students, workers and traders eager to catch less travel as long as they progressed to reach their destination.

In places such as: Place Bayaka, in Kasa-Vubu municipality, avenue of Huileries in Lingwala municipality, Place Moulaert, Place Sainte-Therese, in N’djili municipality, vehicles from the private public transport sector to the city center have become scarce, apart from the presence of motorcycles and taxis which take advantage of the situation to increase the cost of journeys or even allow themselves to apply the practice of « half-land », to the detriment of users.

In other municipalities, such as: Masina, Lemba and Ngaliema precisely in the Pompage district, young people with bladed weapons have been seen barricading the roads to prevent the passage of any public transport vehicle, including buses from TRANSCO, which was also rare on certain sections of the network.

On Tourism Avenue, in Ngaliema municipality, this operation « driver vanda na ndaku » was observed with success. A group of drivers prevent other taxis and bus taxis by engaging in uncivilized acts including throwing stones, puncturing tires, etc. However, the bus stops are crowded with people trying to get to their workplaces going but hoping to catch a taxi or taxi bus.

A three-day strike to denounce police harassment

In addition, approached by CPA, some drivers claimed to have triggered this strike movement to denounce in particular the harassment of which they are victims from the agents of the Road Traffic Police (PCR), which has a negative impact on daily income. , preventing them from responding in this way to the need for mobility of people and their goods in the capital.

They also say they are victims of harassment, especially by agents of the urban transport division of Kinshasa whose those responsible for the control of documents on board vehicles operate without following recognized procedures in the matter, said Jacques Mandombe, a taximan evolving in on the route between the crossroads of Victoire-center-ville-Kintambo, adding that this strike is also a way of appealing to the decision-makers in this case the urban authority for the requalification of the mandate of the control services of the sector of private public transport.

Reacting to this situation of public transport, some users criticized the unpatriotic and humanist behavior of taxi-bus drivers and motorcyclists who engage in illegal increases in transport prices, asking the Town Hall and the ministry Provincial Transport Authority to impose severe penalties on these uncivil drivers.