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The Minister in charge of Tourism on a mission of good offices in Moanda Modero Nsimba during his discussions

Kinshasa, November 24th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister in charge of Tourism Modero Nsimba has been staying in Moanda, in the province of Kongo Central, since Monday, to restore peace between the soldiers in training at the Kitona base and the civilian population villages surrounding the coastal town, in the grip of a conflict that has disturbed the peace in this part of the country, the PCA learned from the cabinet of the said minister. According to the source, upon his arrival in Moanda, Minister Modero Nsimba began his mission of good offices through fruitful exchanges with the antagonists, which resulted in reconciliation and the return of peace in this part of the Republic. This mission follows the clashes between the soldiers in training and the inhabitants of the village Belatsola, located some 10 km from the base of Kitona, causing considerable material damage. « With his political roots in Moanda, Modero Nsimba has succeeded in appeasing the overheated spirits of his fellow citizens and in promoting living together between the military and the civilian population, » the source said. On this occasion, the Minister of Tourism gave the victims of this conflict a donation consisting in particular of food, loincloths and kitchen utensils as well as a batch of 600 galvanized sheets, in addition to an envelope given to the Chef. of the village to finance the urgent rehabilitation of destroyed homes.

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