Urbanization of Lualaba at the center of an interview between Pius Muabilu and Fifi Masuka


Kinshasa, November 24th, 2021 (CPA).- The Urbanism of Lualaba, was at the center of an exchange on Monday between the Minister of State, in charge of Urbanism and habitat, Pius Muabilu Mbayu and the governor of Lualaba province, Fifi Masuka, on Tuesday learned of the CPA from said ministry. The head of the provincial executive Fifi Masuka staying in Kinshasa who at the end of the hearing granted to her the same day by the Minister of State Pius Muabilu announced that she came to seek the support of the Minister for renovate the cobalt capital. To a question about the awareness campaign on the law relating to non-professional rental leases recently launched by Pius Muabilu, Fifi Masuka reassured that it be scrupulously respected by its citizens through intensive communication. She also welcomed Pius Muabilu’s commitment calling for a return to a new rental order, before reiterating her support for this campaign aimed not only at enforcing the law, but also at freeing tenants from the yoke of landlords, while restoring social peace in the name of the rule of law advocated by the President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo. “We switched to civilities first; We are a whole big team made up of the government and Lualaba. This last provincial institution is represented by the rapporteur and the president of the Political, Administrative and Legal Commission (PAJ), she said while stressing that the Lualaba is a major project for the Head of State. « We came to revitalize ourselves with the hierarchy to see how we can have an urbanized province, given that we cannot continue the sites without seeing the boss of Urbanism and Habitat », she said in substance. . The head reassured the minister that the provincial executive of Lualaba will ensure that the law on rental leases is respected at all levels including industrial, commercial and natural or legal persons.