Advocacy for the opening in Ituri of investigations by the ICC into the violence of CODECO militiamen


Bunia, November 26th, 2021 (CPA).- Several observers from Ituri province plead for the opening of investigations by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in view of the unprecedented violence that CODECO militiamen continue to perpetrate on the population in the territories of Djugu, Irumu and Mahagi. In an interview conducted Friday by the CPA, these observers of the security situation in Ituri believe that the barbaric acts of these bloodthirsty have reached an unacceptable level with the attack on Sunday, November 21 on the site of displaced people in the locality of Drodro located 60 km north of Bunia in the territory of Djugu. They note that this heinous act, which violates international humanitarian law, constitutes a crime against humanity, should attract the attention of the ICC so that its perpetrators answer for their acts. For them, the investigations of this international jurisdiction could have a dissuasive effect not only on these outlaws, but also on the intellectual authors of this criminal enterprise. The latest provisional assessment of the attack on the Drodro IDP site shows twenty-nine (29) bodies picked up by rescuers from the local Red Cross, it is reported.