Pyramids surprises Maniema Union (1-0) at home at CAF dams


Kinshasa, November 29th, 2021 (CPA) – Pyramids FC of Egypt, surprised Maniema Union of DRC (1-0) at home, in Kinshasa, at the Martyrs of Pentecost stadium, in the first leg of CAF Cup play-offs. However, at the start, nothing foreshadowed a collapse of Maniema Union which held out until the fateful moment.

Pyramids find the loophole

On a counterattack from Pyramids FC, the somewhat dreamy Maniema Union defense, including goalkeeper Brudel Efonge Liyongo, on a messy ball, allows Mahmoud Wady (25th) of the Egyptian club to open the scoring.

Before this goal of the Egyptian team, Maniema Union benefited from a stopped ball at the entrance of the rectangle, following a foul on Maxi Mpia Nzengeli, but executed by the team captain, Ricky Tulenge Sindani (5th), clumsy on his try. Five minutes before the break, Maniema Union offers another free kick, in the same place. The same Ricky Tulenge who takes care of it sees his ball countered by the Pyramids defense which had imposed the trap of a sleepy rhythm into which the Kindu Unionists fell.

Maniema Union pushes in vain

On resumption, Coach Daoula Lopembe descends Maxi Mpia (45th) in place of the Ivorian Ange Darius Kacoubi, a former AS Dragons Bilima and Renaissance of Congo to boost the attack on Maniema Union. On this offensive momentum, he missed a scoring opportunity when Wango Mbabu Aïtchela (54th) saw the ball of his heavy shot flirt with the left upright of Mahdy Ibrahim, the goalkeeper of Pyramids FC, who saw nothing.