Sanga Balende receives a forfeit (0-3) for his match against Maniema Union at LINAFOOT


Kinshasa, November 29th, 2021 (CPA) – SM Sanga Balende from Mbuji-Mayi was awarded a forfeit (0-3) for his match against Maniema Union from Kindu, played at Kashala Bonzola stadium, match of the 6th day of the 27th championship of the National Football League (LINAFOOT), reports a notification from this sports entity, which arrived on Saturday, at CPA.

According to the source, “Red and Gold” supporters demonstrated anti-sporting acts by attacking officials in this match on Sunday, November 21st. They rushed to the officials until they stole the clock and other personal belongings. Moreover, the same supporters, who chased the players of Maniema Union, have, in their passage, caused damage to the sports infrastructure.

Dura lex, sed lex

On the strength of all these elements, Sanga Balende was withdrawn from this reprieve which had been granted to him, losing the proceeds of the said meeting and receiving a forfeit (0-3) for the benefit of Maniema Union. The closed session is decreed for all the matches of the first leg of the “red and gold” Kasai Oriental, subject to a correctional fine of 10,000 US dollars with a suspension until payment of this sum.

Sanctions for recidivism

The Management Committee, which ruled there, deemed this case to be a repeat offender because incidents of the same kind had been recorded on April 21st, when the angels and saints received the Lushois Ravens.

For LINAFOOT, Sanga Balende, warned, was, in his time, given a suspended sentence to relocate his next three matches and that having reoffended, the club should pay the price to discourage these acts.

Suspension of Coach Adel Mohamed

Sanga Balende’s coach, Egyptian Adel Mohamed, was suspended for 12 months, coupled with a fine of USD 200. He is accused of having illustrated himself by behavior inciting supporters to violence, through recurring protests against the referee’s decisions.