Several municipalities flooded after Wednesday’s torrential rain in Kinshasa


Kinshasa, December 1st, 2021 (CPA).– Several municipalities in Kinshasa city were flooded after the torrential rain which fell on the capital, throughout the morning of Wednesday, noted CPA, during a round in the city.

This situation, which recurs due to the lack of the water pipe system, was observed in particular in Kauka and Yolo districts, at Victoire roundabout in Kalamu municipality, Moulaert roundabout, in Bandalungwa municipality, the avenue of Huileries connecting the municipalities of Kinshasa and Lingwala, as well as the streets.

This flooding of arteries, streets and rivers disrupted the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, mainly schoolchildren, workers and traders who had to get to their daily meeting places.

In other municipalities such as Mont-Ngafula and N’sele, residents have reported cases of erosion and landslides following the forced passage of rainwater, especially in these non-urbanized areas.

The same is true of the old erosion heads which have grown further following this torrential rain, especially in Telecoms district in Ngaliema municipality, declared Mrs. Georgine Mujinga, a resident who recommends that the population to develop rainwater retention and recovery wells flowing from the roof, in order to reduce the risk of erosion.

It should be noted that the rain this morning plunged residents of Mondo Vision district in Mont-Ngafula into the water. Floods also recorded towards Kimbwala, on Don-Bosco road. This damage defied the major deviation works being carried out at Binza Pompage. ACP /