Covid-19: The government invited to comply with President Felix Tshisekedi’s wish to boost a new campaign against the pandemic


Kinshasa, December 3rd, 2021 (CPA) – Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde invited the Government to work for the prevention of a possible fourth wave of Covid-19 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in accordance with the wishes of President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, expressed when taking the 2nd dose of Coronavirus vaccine, to boost a new campaign.

On this occasion, the Head of State once again launched a vibrant appeal to the population inviting them to be vaccinated in masse to protect themselves and stop the Covid-19 epidemic.

In view of the chronicle which remains covered by a possible risk of the arrival, in DRC, of ​​the 4th wave of the Coronavirus disease and of the resurgence of this pandemic all over the world, as warned by the WHO, the Head of Government, during the 30th Council of Ministers, charged all the actors concerned in the fight against this pandemic, to strengthen the mechanisms of sensitization of the population to allow this one to be vaccinated.

The coordinator of the multisectoral committee for the fight against Covid-19, Doctor Jean-Jacques Muyembe mentioned this possibility during a press conference held in Kinshasa, urging the Congolese population to be vaccinated and to respect barrier measures.

« As long as there are cases outside the country and we are going to be in interaction with other Nations mainly by air, DRC will always be exposed », indicated the virologist Prof Ahuka, Incident Manager of the Response against Covid-19, during a press briefing organized last Wednesday, at the National Institute for Bio-Medical Research (INRB).

And to add: « I reassure, the measures which we had to take especially with the current understanding of the community, if they are respected, one will be able very quickly to minimize the impact of this wave ».

Professor Ahuka, on the same occasion, hammered home the importance of collective vaccination and compliance with barrier measures.

Regarding Covid-19 testing, he argued that it remains and will remain free.

It should be recalled that Kinshasa remains the city most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, representing 60% of all confirmed cases.

However, less than 50,000 people have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine.

The fight against COVID-19 is everyone’s business

The President of the Republic and President of the African Union (AU), Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo affirmed, on the occasion of his address in September from the top of the platform of the United Nations General Assembly, that the victory against COVID-19 « is only possible and sustainable if the fight remains a concern of all, and if we achieve a rate of collective and sufficient immunity for all of humanity ».

According to the Head of State, despite undeniable progress in detecting the Coronavirus and inventing the vaccine in record time, « the disease is still far from being eradicated ».

“We can only win this battle as part of a common effort and on the basis of a roadmap defined together. This requires a sharing of responsibility, and more equity in the complementarity required by the globalization of our economies and the globalization of international issues « , proposed the President of the African Union.

Note that a new variant called « Omicron », responsible for COVID, still poorly understood and which is already circulating in several countries around the world, is causing concern. ACP/Lys