Adoption of parliamentary recess reports in Haut-Katanga


Lubumbashi, December 5th, 2021 (CPA). – The Provincial Assembly of Haut-Katanga adopted last Friday unanimously three parliamentary recess reports which were presented by the deputies Dieudonné Pablo Ngwej from Lubumbashi, Freddy Masengo Chibanza from Pweto and Liliane Komba Maka from Kambove, during a plenary session chaired by the interim president, Michel Katebe Ngoy, in the hemicycle of the June 30 building in Lubumbashi. These provincial elected representatives explained to their colleagues the activities carried out in their electoral districts and exposed the difficulties of the populations of their regions, such as the lack of water, electricity, foodstuffs, road and sanitary infrastructures. To this end, they requested the involvement of this legislative institution in solving these problems in order to facilitate community development. The deputy Modeste Balloy Kusiwa, for his part, informed the plenary of the bad state of the national road n ° 5 section between Kasomeno and Pweto. On this subject, he pleaded with the competent authorities for the rehabilitation as soon as possible of this road of community interest.

Advocacy for the rehabilitation of the roofs of two schools in Kipushi Jean-Paul Mwenge, deputy rapporteur of the Provincial Assembly of Haut-Katanga made a plea in an information motion, for the rehabilitation of the roofs of two public schools of the Shindaika group in the territory of Kipushi destroyed by the passage of the violent wind which has been blowing lately in a strong wind which has been blowing during the rain. He asked this deliberative body to put all the means in place to remedy this situation as quickly as possible in order to re-establish the conditions of study of the pupils of these schools. During this plenary, the deputy Michel Kabwe, elected from Lubumbashi, asked for the rehabilitation of the deputy mayor of the municipality of Kenya, who, for 6 years, has been suspended without any notification. To this end, the interim president of the Provincial Assembly of Haut-Katanga, recommended to the PAJ and human rights committees to deepen this question for further clarification.