Burgomaster Jean Nsaka launches a new “Biso Lemba” philosophy aimed at changing mentality in Lemba


Kinshasa, December 5th, 2021 (CPA) .- The mayor of the commune of Lemba, Jean Nsaka, proceeded on Saturday to launch, in the GD field, a new philosophy of life and work entitled « Biso Lemba » aimed at changing mentality and sanitation for its citizens. He indicated that “Biso Lemba” is a concept and an ideology which supports the implementation of the “Kinshasa-bopeto” operation initiated by the governor of the city of Kinshasa Gentiny Ngobila. It is an initiative that also aims to educate its citizens to get involved in a responsible manner in sanitation work, through the collection of refuse and to fight against anti-values. This philosopher augurs the sensitization of citizens to the culture of public hygiene and fight together anarchic constructions, noise pollution, urban banditry, etc., he declared, adding that his vision is to perpetuate these values ​​with the Kinshasa population in general and Lemba in particular

Entrepreneurs and artists join forces with Biso Lemba

In addition, present at this ceremony, the entrepreneur Cédric Lumbu praised this initiative of the municipal authority, which awakens the awareness of the population to fight against anti-values ​​before affirming its commitment to support the vision. Another businessman, Papy Muzeze invited all the economic operators based in the commune of Lemba to get involved in making their living environments more sanitary, especially to participate ragly in community work called * Salongo *. The artist-musician Didier Lacoste said he was marked by this new philosophy, thus inviting the population to no longer throw rubbish in the gutters. He also pleaded with the provincial authorities and people of good will for the construction of a library in Lemba, in order to contribute to the scientific and cultural development of the entity. This launch of the “Bisol Lemba” philosophy was also marked by an awareness march in the 13 districts of the municipality of Lemba and in the military camps located in this municipality. Adolph Domiguez, Lady Esobe, Rock Bokabela Bodo, « Vue de loin » « Modero », etc. also enhanced this event with their presence.