Christophe Mboso, sponsor of the general assembly of the « Council of supreme control organizations in French-speaking Africa »


Kinshasa, December 5th, 2021(CPA) – The President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso Nkodia, will sponsor the next meeting of the general assembly of the Council of Supreme Control Organizations of Francophone Africa. The president of the Court of Auditors, Ernest Izemengia, who requested from the president of the lower house of Parliament the sponsorship of these meetings, which will be held from 8 to 10 December 2021 in Kinshasa, indicated at the end of their meeting. exchange Thursday at the People’s Palace. The President of the Court of Auditors said that Christophe Mboso accepted his request and promised to support this meeting. Ernest Izemengia also said that the DRC will ensure, through the Court of Auditors, the rotating direction of the General Council of Supreme Control Organizations of Francophone Africa, for a three-year term. Towards a partnership between the Sunhak Peace Prize and the DRC In addition, President Christophe Mboso Nkodia exchanged the same day with the sub-regional director of the Sunhak Peace Prize, Mike Samuel Makenda, who came to present his organization’s wish to seal a partnership with the DRC. « We have come to seal the partnership which must be born and diversified through visits, meetings and exchanges, because we need peace which is an active principle of balance », indicated Mike Samuel Makenda. The Sunhak Peace Prize recognizes distinguished individuals or organizations who have made a significant contribution to the peace and well-being of future generations around the world. The award targets three key sectors to assess applicants, sustainable human development, conflict resolution and ecological conservation. The winners of this award are chosen on a biennial basis, by an international committee, and benefit from an envelope of one million dollars. The Sunhak Peace Prize was established to continue the legacy and vision of Reverend Dr Sun Myung Moon, founder of « Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, » who dedicated his life to promoting peace on the planet. , seeking to create a world where all human beings live in harmony.