Digital security in the DRC: A diploma of merit awarded to Blaise Wamba Yetshi


Kinshasa, December 05th, 2021 (CPA). – The coordinator of the Collectif des notables du Grand Kasaï, Denis Kambayi awarded a diploma of merit to the coordinator of the National Space and Technological Research Program (PNRST), Blaise Wamba Yetshi for the work done in within the framework of security defense in the DRC, during a ceremony recently organized in the large banquet hall of Béatrice Hotel, in the town of Gombe. At the head of a group of Congolese scientific experts, Mr. Blaise Wamba Yetshi had set up in 2015; a prototype of several applications and software which led, in 2016, to the creation of this service, with the aim of put the DRC’s own satellite into orbit for peaceful development. It is a question, he emphasizes, of providing the country with cutting-edge technology for the exploration and control of space, integrating the country into the club of great powers as well as collecting, analyzing, experimenting and channel the different discoveries and the wish of certain university levels. The PNRST coordinator thanked Mr. Denis Kambayi and the President of the Republic, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo to whom he dedicated this diploma for his commitment in this area aimed at leading the DRC towards the digitization of all public services in putting the country on the same operating scale as the other nations of the world. He indicated that « the Congo is a country potentially rich in natural resources that must be detected in order to assess their quantity and value in order to help the rulers to manage them well », he stressed while specifying that the DRC is a vast country with enormous potential. The population, he added, dreams of transforming into wealth for the benefit of improving their living conditions. To secure the country, the coordinator said that we must resort to the digital domain for the detection of all armed groups and the securing of our territories. « The digital transformation of the country allows it to participate in the regional and international economy, it can support economic cooperation by facilitating the free movement of people, data, goods and services, » said Blaise Wamba, adding that this program contributes to good governance which is the basis of economic growth and sustainable development and contributes to the fight against poverty.


The first Congolese satellite is put into orbit

PNRST coordinator Blaise Wamba Yetshi also indicated that the DRC’s first satellite will be launched in the coming days with a view to transforming the DRC. Its concern is to design and install not only the video surveillance system in large cities, in areas of recurring insecurity and migratory movements, but also the electronic system through digitization. « If we have our own satellites, we will not only organize and monitor the geographic space as well as digital security, but also mobilize additional financial resources for the public treasury, in the approximate amounts of 23 billion USD per year, 116, 7 billion in five years e 233.5 billion USD in ten years thanks to applications coming out of the PNRST laboratory”, declared Blaise Wamba, insisting on job creation for young people. The PNRST is a public interest structure whose official mission is to supervise, promote, organize and coordinate all activities relating to space research and technological innovation in the DRC.