Haut-Lomami: ceremony for the presentation of the permanent staff of the CPA and the presentation of the bulletin of this media on the publication of the results of the state examination


Kamina, December 5th, 2021 (CPA).- The provincial government of Haut-Lomami under the leadership of its interim governor, Kabamba Ilunga Wa Batame, recently organized at the governorate in Kamina, a double solemn presentation ceremony of the permanent representative of the Congolese Press Agency (CPA) of the province, Ms. Jeannette Kabwika Mitonga and delivery to the provincial authority of the bulletin of this public media on the publication of the state exam, edition 2020-2021 for the benefit of the educational provinces Haut-Lomami 1 and 2 The provincial health commissioner, Dr Clarisse Kasongo Méta, who presided over the ceremony, thanked the general management of this media for having opened an office in her province. She promised to personally deliver to the interim governor the CPA / Haut-Lomami memo that was given to her during this solemn ceremony. She also congratulated and wished journalist Jeannette Kabwika Mitonga a fruitful career within the CPA, a media she said she knew very well both nationally and internationally. In turn, handing over the state exam bulletin to education officials, she said that this document will serve as proof to secondary school graduates for their enrollment in higher education. Before handing over the state exam bulletin to the provincial authority, the CPA staff member, on behalf of the CPA management committee, headed by the president of the board of directors Nicole Dimbambu and the director General Lambert Kaboyi, gave the history of the Congolese Press Agency, its mission, the history of this official media in Katanga and its presence in the province. During this ceremony, the permanent member of the CPA was accompanied and assisted by other sisters and colleagues from the official press including Moïse Tshibamb-A -Nkongal, provincial director of RTNC and Blaise, interim station chief of RENATELSAT in the Haut-Lomami. The ceremony took place in the presence of the Provincial Minister of Education, Ngoy Lukaya Wesley, from the entire body of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) of the educational provinces and the representative of the rectorate of the University of Kamina .